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Master of Education

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The Master of Education in Physical and Sport Education is a non-thesis option for professionals, such as teachers, coaches, school administrators, and other fitness professionals. The degree is designed to promote best practices and enhance discipline knowledge in KHS professionals in public school districts, private schools, and other community-oriented agencies. All courses are presently offered through USU's Distance Education Program online. 

The MEd degree provides an advanced course of study for students interested in teaching physical education and coaching. The master of education in kinesiology and health science is an online, non-thesis option for off-campus professionals, such as teachers, coaches, school administrators, and other fitness professionals.

The degree is designed to promote best practices and enhance discipline knowledge in professionals interested in advancing their levels of education and pay.


Students who complete this program will not receive a teaching certificate. Students with an interest in obtaining coursework toward physical education teaching endorsement should plan to take other courses beyond the required coursework for this program to complete the endorsement requirements.

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Graduate Program Coordinator

Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson

Coordinator of Programs III

Kinesiology and Health Science

Phone: 435-797-1495
Office Location: HPER 122J
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Program Director

John Kras

John Kras

Associate Professor

Kinesiology and Health Science

Phone: 435-797-3881
Office Location: HPER 130


Prerequisite Requirements

Candidates for the physical and sport education program are expected to have completed an undergraduate degree in good standing. Typically, students will have completed their undergraduate degree in Physical Education or another teaching degree. There is no prerequisite or restriction on what undergraduate degrees are acceptable. Student are accepted from many different educational backgrounds.

Application Requirements

Students desiring to enroll in the physical and sport education program must be admitted to the Utah State University School of Graduate studies. The application requires the following:

  • Official transcripts from all previously-attended colleges and universities
  • Overall GPA on the last 60 semester or 90 quarter credits taken must be 3.0 or above.
  • Three letters of recommendation. All letters of recommendation should be professional references. Two letters should come from faculty members.
  • Statement of purpose describing your interest in graduate school and relevant experiences and qualifications.

International students have additional requirements that they need to meet and because this program is 100% online the program may not meet the needs of VISA requirements to study in person in Logan.

The deadline to apply for the Fall semester is July 1 and the deadline to apply for the Spring semester is December 1. The deadline for international students is May 1 if they are interested in starting during the Fall semester. International students have an earlier deadline as they need to meet the visa requirements.

Learn more and apply through the USU Graduate School

Admission Deadlines

Fall semester

July 1 domestic students

May 1 for international students

Spring Semester

December 1

New Graduate Student Orientation

The department holds an orientation for new graduate students in the KHS Department at USU. The orientation was designed to meet the needs of students within the KHS department and to better prepare new students for their time at USU. The design of this orientation was based on student concerns brought to the department, observations from departmental personnel, and from current research. 

The orientation includes both an in-person and online portion that is held before the beginning of the Fall semester. Both portions (online and in-person) of the orientation are required for all new students.  Students accepted to start in the Spring, Summer, and Fall of that calendar year are expected to participate in the orientation of the Fall of that calendar year.

The online portion has much of the general information, processes, and resources available to graduate students and will be available to students for future reference throughout their graduate student experience. Students will receive an email with instructions for how to access this orientation during the summer (end of July, beginning of August).

The in-person portion is designed to provide an opportunity for students to begin building relationships with other students, faculty, and staff. Students will be expected to complete the online portion before attending the in-person portion as it is a time for students to ask questions and get clarification on any information they have received previously. The in-person orientation will be held the Monday, two weeks before the first day of the Fall semester, in August. Students should plan for the full day. Additional information is communicated with students as it is available.

Both portions are critical for students to build a foundation that will help them be successful and receive the most out of their experience as graduate students. By providing this orientation before the semester and allowing students time to work through the content, students have more time to process information, helping to prevent feelings of “information overload”. In addition, students have access to the orientation information throughout their academic program allowing students to refer back to information when it is needed.

Reach out to the Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC) with any questions.

Program Requirements

Tracking Sheet PDF

For completion of this project students must complete the required courses and credits for this program. Students must also complete both a creative project and internship to finish the requirements for this program.

The Creative Project

Through the creative project, students have the opportunity to make a practical application of knowledge to a professional interest with the goal of further developing their professional effectiveness. Students are required to complete a written proposal for the project to avoid misunderstanding and protect the best interests of the students and program. The proposal provides a record for both the student and members of the committee of the specific nature and extent of the project.

Creative Project Instructions PDF

Creative Project Proposal Example PDF  


]The purpose of the internship is for students to have the chance to observe physical education teaching and to report and evaluate that teaching from their observations. Students are required to observe physical education teaching for 150 contact hours. Students are responsible to contact their chair and arrange for this internship through email, phone, or in person.

Internship Instructions PDF

MEd Internship Plan PDF