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Doctoral Specialization: Pathokinesiology

The Pathokinesiology specialization focuses on the scientific study of human movement (kinesiology) as it relates to any abnormal condition (patho) affecting movement and postural dysfunctions. The ultimate goal of research in Pathokinesiology is to help improve the quality of life of individuals who have movement and postural dysfunctions.

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Master of Education: Physical and Sport Education

The Master of Education in Physical and Sport Education is a non-thesis option for professionals, such as teachers, coaches, school administrators, and other fitness professionals. All courses are presently offered through USU's Distance Education Program online. 

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Master of Fitness Promotion

Graduate students choosing the MS KHS Master of Fitness Promotion will focus on developing skills and attributes for designing, delivering and evaluating fitness and wellness programs designed to improve the quality of life of the program's participants.

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Master of Public Health: Health Education and Promotion

The Master of Public Health (MPH) program at USU trains students to be leaders in the field of Public Health. The MPH provides students with a strong educational and research foundation in biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health, sociobehavioral public health, policy and administration.

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Master of Science: Kinesiology

This program is a two-year curriculum with no required summer courses. Through this program students are able to pursue a more in-depth course of study within their discipline, combining advanced coursework with research and practical experience to prepare graduates for employment opportunities in their field. This degree also provides an excellent preparation for students pursuing admission into Medical School, School of Dentistry, Physical Therapy or other health professions graduate education.

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Master of Sports Management

The Sports Management program is a professional degree offered fully online, focusing on administration and management within the sports industry. The curriculum is designed and strives to provide students with a comprehensive and well-rounded degree that will include content in the areas of finance, marketing, legal issues, event and facility management, sociology, ethics and leadership as they apply to sport.

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