Name of Facility / Program Description Website
NAMI - National Alliance on Mental Health There are offices throughout the state and regional students have had some good experiences with this agency. (Unfortunately, the Cache Valley office says that they cannot use practicum students at this time.)
USU NAMI Club There is also a NAMI club on the Logan campus that we are trying to revitalize. I'm the faculty advisor so I can be your liaison if you have interest in being involved in this effort.
USU Trula Health Coach Become a USU Trula Health Coach 
7 Cups Organization Contact Kevin for information and the contact name at the organization. 
CAPS - Counseling and Psychological Services 
SAAVI- Sexual Assault and Anti-Violence Information 
USU Extension Efforts involved in addressing mental health issues. 
Community Health Agencies Any community agency that assists abused or marginalized populations, who are certainly dealing with concurrent mental health distress.

Public Schools Working in schools, particularly with school counselors while they assist students with mental health. Cache County School District: 

Logan School District: