By Sarah Tulane | February 17, 2023

Emily Pitt Mendoza

We are excited to highlight Emily Pitt Mendoza! Emily graduated in 2013 from the Human Development and Family Studies department, Logan campus, and currently works as an elementary school counselor. Part of her work includes teaching curriculum-based social and emotional topics relevant to the needs of the student body. She meets with students individually, as well as in small groups, and focuses on helping the students learn more about processing emotions. Emily said her coursework at Utah State University was essential for her career path,

“I learned the foundations of child development as well as important information regarding counseling individuals through difficult situations. The most important thing I learned in this major was the power and importance of mental health, both in myself and those I work with in a professional setting. This information has been crucial as I work with the amazing students, families, and faculty and staff in my work community.”

Emily said applying what she learned in her coursework to all areas of her life was an incredible experience. She learned to expand her thinking and pursue her passions and interests. Furthermore, she was able to form life-changing associations with fellow students and instructors. For her practicum (applied, hands-on senior experience), Emily was a summer camp counselor:

“This was extremely helpful career preparation. It provided me with the opportunity to be creative, patient, flexible, and practice helping young children work through their difficult moments. It also allowed me to work with a more diverse population than I had in the past, which was educational and wonderful.”

Emily whole-heartedly suggests the HDFS major to students at USU. She pointed out that it gives students a wide variety of potential career options. She noted that the undergraduate program was excellent preparation for graduate school. Emily said, “I would choose it as my undergraduate major again and again.”

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