By Sabrina Trimble | April 7, 2023

Sabrina Trimble is a Global Outreach Strategist for Saprea, a nonprofit organization that helps liberate individuals and society from child sexual abuse and its lasting impacts. Sabrina was involved in the HDFS department as an Undergraduate Teaching Fellow with Dr. Ryan Seedall and Darcy Keady, participated in the HDFS Club with Dr. Aryn Dotterer, and worked as a research assistant with Dr. Diana Meter. With each area of involvement, Sabrina gained skills that have helped her seamlessly transition to the workforce. Based on her experience, she strongly encourages students to network, take advantage of the opportunities available to HDFS majors, and connect with professors. She said:

I could list each teacher within the department that has helped me learn material, skills, and helped me understand why human development and family studies is a crucial field of study. Strong families create a strong society. Studying HDFS is a step in the direction of changing ourselves, changing our families, changing our communities, and changing society. What we do matters, and our education can truly impact the world around us.

One of the most important things Sabrina learned during her time in the HDFS department is that she “has a voice.” Sabrina said, “I learned that my voice matters, and I can be an advocate in my community to make a difference. I was empowered with education and the drive to enter the workforce with the desire to advocate for families.” Sabrina reflected that her time in the HDFS major was life changing. She said:

I'm the first person in my family to graduate from college and I wouldn't be able to be in the career I love if it weren't for the degree I earned through the HDFS Department at USU. I love knowing my work is making a difference in society. Each day I get to help provide healing, prevention, and awareness regarding child sexual abuse. I know that what I am doing is making a difference in the world and that is a powerful feeling!

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