By HDFS Undergraduate Committee | January 11, 2024

Meet Brittany Homer, a dynamic alumna who graduated in 2016 with a degree in Family Life Studies from Utah State University's HDFS department. Since her graduation, Brittany has co-founded Project STAND, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing exploitation by empowering youth and parents to navigate technology responsibly. As the Executive Director of Project STAND, Brittany is on a mission to foster healthier relationships with technology, creating a safer online environment for families and communities.

Making a Difference with Project STAND: At Project STAND, Brittany has established two crucial components. The first, "STAND Week," is a peer-led program in schools, encouraging young people to make responsible choices in their digital lives while fostering open communication between students and their parents. The second, "STAND & Raise," provides resources and support for parents, recognizing their pivotal role in protecting and nurturing their children. This initiative offers the Parent Empowerment Speaker Series and other projects that help parents develop healthy relationships with their kids, recognize emerging trends among youth, and safeguard children from online exploitation.

Harnessing HDFS Education for Impact: Brittany attributes her ability to make a difference in the lives of families and communities to her education in the HDFS department. Her degree in Family Life Studies provided her with essential knowledge, experience, and a pathway to channel her passion for family well-being. She chose the program for its flexibility, and her advice to current students is to not just complete coursework for a grade, but to “dive in and explore your life’s mission!”

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