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A minor in Special Education along with a bachelor’s degree in, TEAL (ElEd), PSY, ComDDE, SW, HDFS, gives students the opportunity to fulfill the requirements for a Utah Department of Health and Human Services Early Intervention Specialist credential to serve children with disabilities ages 0-3 and their families in the Baby Watch Early Intervention Program. Early Intervention providers are at a critical need in the state of Utah and nationally and are highly sought after. For more information about the field of Early Intervention visit https://www.bepartofei.org/.

Career Opportunities/ Employment Settings

Early Intervention Specialist, Preschool Teacher, Early Head Start

Course Requirements

The total course load for the minor is 26 credits. Depending on the identified major, this would be only an additional 14-23 credits.

Required Courses (18)

  • SPED 4000 Education of Students with Disabilities (F, Sp, Su) 3 credits
  • SPED 5010 Applied Behavior Analysis 1 (F) 3 credits
  • SPED 5710 Young Children with Disabilities: Characteristics and Services (F) 3 credits
  • SPED 5810 Seminar and Field Experiences with Infants and Families (F) 4 credits
  • SPED 5030 Assessment (F) 2 credits
  • HDFS 3500 Infancy and Early Childhood (F, Sp) 3 credits


Elective Courses (3 credits total) (other content courses are possible with permission from the sped minor program coordinator)

  • SPED 3104 Introduction to Multiple Disabilities 3 credits
  • SPED 5500 Interdisciplinary Disability Awareness and Service Learning 3 credits
  • HDFS 3550 Infancy Lab - concurrent with HDFS 3500 (F, Sp) 1 credit
  • HDFS 3100 Abuse & Neglect in Family Context 3 credits
  • PSY 3400: Analysis of Behavior Advanced (DSS) 4 credits
  • PSY 3120 - Abuse, Neglect, and the Psychological Dimensions of Intimate Violence (DSS) 3 credit(s)
  • PSY 3210 - Psychological Disorders (DSS) 3 credit(s)
  • COMD 3010 American Sign Language I (CI, OM) 3 credit(s)
  • COMD 3200 Child Language Development (F) 3 credits
  • COMD 3500 Phonetics and Phonological Development (OM) 3 credit(s)
  • SW 3350 - Child Welfare 3 credit(s)
  • SW 3650 - Mental Health 3 credit(s)
  • SW 4925 - Resilience and Human Flourishing 3 credit(s)

Requirements for Admission  

Contact Information

Summer L. Gunn

Summer L. Gunn

Clinical Instructor

Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling

Phone: 435-797-5377
Office Location: EDUC 329