Audiology Specialization

Disability Disciplines PhD Program

The Specialization

The doctoral program in Audiology within the Disability Disciplines PhD Program focuses on the scientific study of human hearing as it relates to hearing assessment and treatment for individuals across the lifespan. The program prepares students to be productive in research and pursue a career in academia.

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Program Contact

Dr. Karen Muñoz

Department Head, Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education


Research Opportunities

Photo from Aural Rehabilitation Lab

The Aural Rehabilitation Lab is directed by Dr. Brittan Barker and housed in the Department of Communicative Studies and Deaf Education at Utah State University. Our multilayer research program works to describe, understand, and facilitate effective communication in people relying on listening and spoken language. To this end, we conduct experimental and qualitative research with people of all ages and with all levels of hearing.

Cognitive Hearing Science Lab

Research in the Cognitive Hearing Science Lab directed by Dr. Naveen Nagaraj is driven by basic questions about information processing in the human brain during listening in noise. Using behavioral and electrophysiological experiments we are trying to understand the dynamic interplay between cognition and speech perception in individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing and those with auditory processing deficits. Currently active studies in the lab are designed to examine how school-age children with normal hearing who have auditory processing difficulties, understand speech in challenging listening environments (such as noisy classrooms) and how their performance can be improved. The long-term goal is to apply what is learned from this line of research to clinical management in children who have difficulties processing spoken language, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Instructors and trainee in Sports Medicine Facility

The  Listening and Spoken Language Lab explores parent and professional factors that facilitate and/or interfere with spoken language outcomes for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. The mission of the Listening and Spoken Language lab is to increase our understanding of parent and professional factors that facilitate/interfere with outcomes for children who are deaf or hard of hearing learning to communicate using spoken language.

Admission Deadline

Applications to the PhD Program are due January 15th for the following Fall semester.

Financial Aid

Excellent financial assistance is available to qualified students in the Disability Disciplines program. Support includes a monthly living stipend, tuition waiver, participation in professional conferences, and computer technology.