Meet Our Alumni


Juan Estrada

Thesis: Moderating effects of school ethnic composition on the associations between cultural variables and academic outcomes among Latinx youth.


Amanda Blume

Thesis: Examining the effects of aspects of resiliency and vulnerability on the relationship between experiences microaggressions and mental health among persons of color.

Dissertation: Diversity-related experiences and academic performance among ethnic minority college students.

Ron Bean

Thesis: Romantic relationship quality and technological communication: Examining the roles of attachment representations and rejection sensitivity.
Dissertation: Relationship maintenance behaviors and marital stability in remarriage: The examination of stepfamily constellations and associated challenges.

Tianyi Xie

Thesis: Acculturation and language use in intimate and sexual relationships among Chinese bilinguals.

Dissertation: Responding to microaggressions: Evaluation of bystander intervention strategies.


John Dehlin

Thesis: The intersection of multiple oppressed identities: Implications for identity development.

Dissertation: Contextual factors in the academic persistence of Native Americans and Latinxs in stem fields.

Joshua Parmenter

Thesis: The culture of sexuality: Identification, conceptualization, and acculturation processes within sexual minority and heterosexual culture.


Alexandra Reveles

Thesis: Diversity-related experiences among college students in the promotion of social justice orientation, multicultural openness, and community involvement.


Merrill Jones

Thesis: Attitudinal and experiential factors of interethnic romantic relationships among Native American emerging adults.

Dissertation: Attitudes and experiences of close interethnic friendships among Native American emerging adults: A mixed methods investigation.

Jeisianne Rosario Colon

Thesis: The role of religious attitudes in marriage maintenance strategies and marital quality.


Annel Cordero

Thesis: Problem solving communication and interpersonal power among Latino adolescent couples.
Dissertation: Understanding experiences of female survivors of domestic violence: Stories of strength, resilience, and mechanisms that assist in leaving violent relationships.


Katherine Crowell (Peterson)

Thesis: Bosom buddies: Factors associated with experiences of passionate friendship among men and women.
Dissertation: The mental health disparity among non-heterosexuals: Risk, resiliency, and new perspectives to consider in the context of Mormonism.


Brenna Wernersbach

Dissertation: Healthy sexuality: Evaluating a psychoeducational group promoting knowledge, communication, and positive experiences.


Angie Dahl

Thesis: The religious experience of sexual minority youth: Identity integration, and minority stress.

Dissertation: Sexual and religious identity development among adolescent and emerging adult sexual minorities.

Marsha Tafoya

Thesis: The relationship of acculturation and acculturative stress in Latino youth’s psychosocial functioning.

Kenli Urruty

Thesis: Factors associated with levels of physical activity in rural adolescents.

Dissertation: Effects of frontier environment on identity development among first generation college students.



Charley Bentley

Thesis: Towards a more comprehensive view of the use of power between couple members in adolescent romantic relationships.

Dissertation: Does empathic accuracy mediate the relationships between individual psychological characteristics and adolescent romantic relationship outcomes?

Mark Jesinoski

Dissertation: Testing the mediating role of Young’s Early Maladaptive Schemas: Exploring links between negative childhood experiences and adult psychosocial functioning.

Audrey Oldham

Thesis: Latino collectivism and self-disclosure in intracultural and intercultural friendships.

Eri Suzuki Bentley

Dissertation: An evaluation of outcomes of a dialectical behavior therapy skills training group at a university counseling center.


Crystal Lin

Dissertation: Adult romantic attachment style, global self-esteem, and specific self-views as predictors of feedback preference in potential romantic relationships.

Daniel Hatch

Thesis: The development and psychosocial correlates of adolescent sexuality.

Dissertation: Mediators of the association between adult attachment and marital satisfaction: Relationship expectations, pro-relationship behaviors, and empathy.

Jenna Glover

Thesis: Identity development, identity disclosure, and identity exploration among adolescent sexual minorities.

Dissertation: The interpersonal lives of women: A study of passionate friendships among women.

Matt Jones

Thesis: Navajo ethnic identity and acculturation: Discovering connections between ethnic identity, acculturation and psychosocial outcomes.

Dissertation: Longitudinal and reciprocal effects of ethnic identity and experiences of discrimination on psychosocial adjustment of Navajo adolescents.

Sara Hunt

Thesis: Associations between parent-daughter relationships, individual adolescent psychological functioning, and female adolescent self-defeating behaviors.

Dissertation: Patterns of psychosocial functioning and mental health service utilization in children and adolescents with chronic health conditions or physical disabilities.


Erica Chenoweth

Thesis: Factors that influence the college attendance decisions of Appalachian students.

Dissertation: Appalachian high school students’ possible selves as a mediator of continuing their education.