Graduate Student Funding

Graduate students in the Utah State Department of Psychology are awarded support from the department and university to help cover the cost of their education. The Behavior Analysis, Brain and Cognition, Combined Clinical/Counseling, Neuroscience, Data Science and Research Methodology, and School Psychology PhD specializations offer tuition awards to students. Tuition awards cover the cost of tuition, but do not cover accompanying fees or out-of-pocket insurance costs.

Students in these programs also receive assistantships with monthly stipends to help support expenses outside of school. For some students, assistantships may include teaching courses or supporting academia or research through teaching or research assistantships. Other students may receive assistantships for clinical placements. Graduate students with assistantships qualify for subsidized graduate student health insurance. Learn more on enrolling in and waiving out of health insurance benefits

All students in the USU Psychology Department are eligible for additional benefits including travel awards, research support, and scholarships.

Student Travel Awards

Department travel award scholarships are used to support students presenting research at professional conferences. These awards can be granted from the department a maximum of one-time per year for $300. Requests for student travel awards may be submitted at any time.

Tuition Awards

Tuition awards cover the cost of tuition, but do not cover accompanying fees or out-of-pocket insurance costs. Students in the Psychology Department’s School Psychology EdS Program may qualify for a one-year, out-of-state tuition waiver for their first year of education, but do not receive a full tuition award.

Domestic Students:

  • Utah Resident: Tuition awards covering 100% of university tuition costs associated with program of study during the length of the program will be provided by the  institution.
  • Nonresident: In addition to covering resident (in-state) tuition, in a student's first year, the Department of Psychology tuition award will cover the non-resident portion of the university tuition. However, domestic, non-resident Department of Psychology students are expected to become residents of the State of Utah after their first 12 months on campus. Thus, the non-resident portion of the university tuition will not be awarded to domestic students after their first year. Read residency requirements.

International Students:

  • The Department of Psychology tuition award pays non-resident and resident tuition costs for international students associated with program of study during the length of the program will be provided by the institution.
  • International students are responsible for paying the international student orientation fee.

Differential Tuition:

  • The student is responsible to pay for any differential tuition charges after 12 credits in a semester.

Program of Study:

  • Tuition awards may only be applied towards credits for courses listed on the student's program of study.
  • Tuition awards are traditionally not approved for summer courses. However, students are eligible to request tuition award coverage for summer courses at the point of registration.


  • Students are responsible for the payment of all student fees. Additional course or program fees such as online surcharges for non-residents are included in this responsibility.

Late Adds:

  • Tuition awards will not be applied to credit for courses added after the fifteenth day of the term.

Full-Time Status:

  • To remain active, students must be full-time students as defined by the university catalog, during fall and spring semesters.