Mission, Vision, and Values

The Psychology Department at Utah State University is committed to a) the development of new knowledge regarding the bases of behavior and psychological processes; b) the dissemination and application of that knowledge; c) advancing programs of excellence in teaching, research, and service; and d) advancing the goals of the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services. 

The department is based around a few core values: 

  1. Making scientifically based contributions to the general, liberal, and professional education of students throughout the University. 
  2. Providing a high-quality, functional undergraduate major in psychology that helps students meet the prerequisite requirements of graduate specializations. 
  3. Preparing graduate students to be experts and leaders throughout their specialty fields. 
  4. Providing leadership in the development of knowledge in the academic and practice of psychology. 
  5. Contributing to the university’s educational extension programs and general service goals. 

Our psychology PhD program has a culture of hard work and success. Many of our students have been recognized and awarded national scholarships and fellowships. Students find valuable connections across specializations and labs that help our students to maintain working relationships after their studies with both peers and mentors. 


Get more information about the department’s expanded mission, values, learning objectives, assessment plan, outcomes data, and data-based decisions in our Mission Statement.