Master of Science

The MS student focuses on core knowledge, best practices, current theories, and research. This program is unique from our other programs because the student learns to conduct original research. These students often go into either academic careers or jobs that require research skills. This degree sets the student up for leadership because they use these research skills to support their ideas with data. The MS student will graduate with research experience and produce a final research thesis.

The Master of Science degree is available on campus at Utah State University.

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Degree Requirements

Program Pathway


Acceptance to the ITLS program and work with your temporary advisor: Ramy Shaaban.


Register online for the one credit online asynchronous orientation course and other courses through


Choose your committee chair (advising professor) and your thesis focus by the end of your second semester.


Complete your three-member supervisory committee for your thesis.


Complete the program when you complete the coursework and your thesis.

The thesis is completed in three parts when you write and defend a proposal, conduct the research then write and defend the thesis.