Master of Arts

MA students focus on human experience design skills relevant to corporate and business settings. Students will learn about instructional development, data analysis, project management, and understanding research that they can apply to their work as designers.

These students often go into careers in instructional design and development in business, industry, and government. Positions range from highly design-oriented jobs requiring extensive instructional development skills to product development-oriented jobs requiring skills in data analysis, project management, and evaluation. Graduates can also use these skills in preparing training materials for face-to-face and online corporate settings. MA students often transition quickly into leadership positions and complete a creative project or internship.

The Master of Arts degree is available on campus at Utah State University in Logan- UT, or online.

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Degree Requirements

Program Pathway


Acceptance to the ITLS program and work with your advisor, Kristy Bloxham, on your program of study.


Register online for the one credit online asynchronous orientation course and other courses through


Complete all required coursework.


Throughout the program, build a professional portfolio of your projects and other deliverables.


Complete a culminating experience, either an Internship or Creative Project.