Peer Tutoring

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This website contains information to assist you in developing and conducting your peer tutoring class. You will find course materials, how to submit a course approval, how to connect with other Utah teachers conducting this class, research on peer tutor effectiveness, peer tutor recruitment efforts, and links to other resources. Please contact Julia Lyman.


Department of Special Education & Rehabilitation Counseling
Utah State University
2865 Old Main Hill Logan, UT. 84322-2865

Advisor: 435-797-7205
Fax: 435-797-3572
Special Education & Rehabilitation Counseling Office: 435-797-3243


2012 CEC Initial Level Special Educator Preparation Standards

Operational Definitions of Evidence-Based Practices


Instruction - General Rules of Good Instruction (V-A1)

Instruction - Providing Assistance (V-C1)

Instruction - Reinforcing Correct Responses (V-D2)

Instruction - Correcting Errors (V-E1)

Instruction - Fading Assistance (V-F1)

Exceptionalities - Attitudes Toward Disabilities (II-A1)


Exceptionalities - Mental Retardation (II-C1)

Exceptionalities - Hearing Impairments (II-D1)

Exceptionalities - Vision Impairments (II-E1)

Behavior Management - Behavior/Causes (VI-A4)

Behavior Management - Praise, Ignoring and Extinction (VI-C1)

Behavior Management - Changing Behavior (VI-D2)


Community-Based Instruction: A Guidebook for Teachers

Research into Practice: Implementing Effective Teaching Strategies

First Days

Unit A: Basic Understandings - The Teacher

Unit B: First Characteristic - Positive Expectations

Unit C: Second Characteristic - Classroom Management

Tutor Evaluation