Dr. Mimi Recker


Dr. Mimi Recker

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Office Hours: By Appointment
Phone: (435) 797-2692
Email: mimi.recker@usu.edu
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Mimi Recker’s research focuses on helping the education sector take advantage of the benefits of cyber-learning and teaching. Over the years, this line of research, funded by the National Science Foundation, the J.S. McDonnell Foundation, and the Institute for Museum and Library Services, has involved a dynamic mix of faculty, post-docs, and graduate students from USU, as well as colleagues from around the world.

Mimi Recker holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania. After a few years working as a software engineer in Silicon Valley, she earned her PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. Mimi worked for two years at the Georgia Institute of Technology and for four years at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, before joining Utah State University in 1998.

She served as the ITLS Department Head from 2008 to 2015.