April 26, 2022
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2022 Graduate Awards

We have announced the awards for Doctoral Student of the Year, Legacy of Utah State, Graduate Student Teacher of the Year, Master's Student Researcher of the Year, and Undergraduate Researcher of the Year. Congratulations to our students for all their hard work!  

Doctoral Student of the Year - Lili Yan
For valuable contributions by a doctoral student in the area of research.  

Lili Yan is a PhD candidate and Doctoral Scholar in the department of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences at Utah State University. She is broadly interested in research at the intersection of culture, technology, and learning with an emphasis on inclusion and equity. In her time at USU, she has co-authored four journal publications, six conference proceeding papers, and over 15 paper presentations.  

Legacy of Utah State - Armando Pena
Representing the heart and soul of our department, through commitment to ITLS and their program of study as well as service, perseverance and dedication.  

Armando Pena has a reputation of being positive and encouraging in all of his interactions with students and faculty. As a leader on ITSA, he has sought better ways to connect online students to the department, initiating the Networking Bite initiative and showing tireless dedication in the communication, administration, and problem-solving associated with the project. He truly encourages everyone to be their best, leading by his own example.  

Graduate Student Teacher of the Year - Aubrey Rogowski
For valuable contributions by a graduate student in the area of teaching.  

Aubrey Rogowski is a doctoral candidate in the department of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences and has been teaching courses in the department for several years. She strives to cultivate a positive learner experience by embedding four things in her classes: innovative curriculum development; effective assessment, evaluation, and feedback; meaningful student interactions; and effective communication with students. She recently received her Teaching Scholar Certificate for USU’s Empowering Teaching Program.  

Rogowski was named Graduate Student Teacher of the Year at the 2022 USU Robins Award ceremony.  

Master's Student Researcher of the Year - Kenden Quayle 
For valuable contributions by a master's student in the area of research.  

In her work on research projects in ITLS, Kenden Quayle is known as an extremely organized team player who approaches research with enthusiasm and astuteness. Kenden has leveraged the design and project management skills she’s developed throughout her time in ITLS to bridge the worlds of research and practice on the NSF-funded Daigwade project in partnership with the Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation. Her deep passion for making research accessible for the general public has expanded the overall impact of the project’s research, as seen in the collaboratively designed Daigwade coloring book series that shares and preserves the Northwestern Shoshone's culture.  

Undergraduate Researcher of the Year - Christina Morgan
For outstanding contributions to research. 

Christina Morgan has made outstanding contributions through her work on the Daigwade project in ITLS and her work in Psychology. Her experience with analysis and writing includes a recent ISLS paper, and she is respected and valued for her training of other undergraduates on her research projects as well as local Tribes in our community.