April 26, 2022
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2022 Staff and Alumni Awards

This year's ITLS Staff and Alumni Awards have been announced! Congratulations to this year's awardees!  

Outstanding Staff of the Year - Janet Blad  
For carrying out responsibilities in an exceptional manner.  

Janet is not only professionally competent, helping our faculty and students navigate the many requirements of research and teaching; she is also deeply compassionate. Janet is known for extending genuine friendship to students and faculty, investing in our community in meaningful ways. Her influence gives heart to the ITLS department!  

Alumni Achievement Award- Whitney Lewis & Dallin Kay  
For notable contributions in the fields of instructional technologies and learning sciences. 

Since graduating in ITLS, Whitney Lewis has become a senior learning designer at Intuit and is now working as a consultant at Pope Tech. She also contributes directly back to our department through the courses she teaches.  

Dallin Kay has gone above and beyond in giving back to ITLS students. Especially notable is the work he did to create a design competition in Design II, spending countless hours giving feedback and mentorship.