ITLS Design Lab

The department of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences in the Emma Eccles College of Education and Human Services hosts the Design Lab, a creative space with tools, gadgets, and materials that is available to all USU students.

The Design Lab features free and easy-to-use tools that students can use for both class projects and other general recreational purposes. The available tools include a laser cutter, circuit maker, sewing and embroidery machine, 3D doodler, thermocut machine, smart board, Apple TV, Playstation 2, arcade gaming computer, 3D printers, craft materials, soldering tools, various board games, Legos, Knex, and several VR machines.

Lab manager Taylor Rowser stated that the simplicity of the equipment is one of his favorite parts about the Design Lab. "When I was first introduced to the lab," he said, "I didn't know how to use any of the machines, but after a little bit of tweaking, I was able to start creating things."

ITLS professor Dr. Ramy Shaaban expressed his desire to spread the knowledge about the Design Lab to every student in the university. "I want it to be known that the Design Lab is meant for all USU students, not just those that are studying majors in the Emma Eccles College of Education and Human Services," he said. "I fear that not a lot of students even know about the Design Lab, even those that are studying in the same building as it."

Rowser confirmed Shaaban's claim by admitting that he had never heard about the lab before he started working there, and neither had any of his roommates or friends. He supported Shaaban's desire to spreading the word about the resource. "I hope more people come to know about the lab and utilize it," he said. "The biggest opportunity that the lab provides for students is to allow them to turn their creative ideas into reality. It allows them to actually do things, and that is the fun part."

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, the Design Lab housed several projects, activities, and events, such as holiday ornament craft making, Game Jams, the Research Apprenticeship and Writing Rally (RAWR), mindful meditation, and more. The lab is located in EDUC 270 and is currently available by appointment only.

To reserve a time slot for the Design Lab, email Deidri Nielson at

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