September 15, 2020

What is ITSA?

All students in the department of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences are members of the Instructional Technology Student Association (ITSA). The primary objective of the student association is to provide opportunities for students to expand their social network by connecting them with people both within and beyond the department. The ITSA council is passionate about looking for ways to connect students to each other and professionals in the field.

If you have any questions regarding ITSA, you can contact one of the council members on the People’s page of the ITLS website, or you can reach out to the ITSA faculty advisor Sheri Haderlie.

Meet your ITSA Council

lili yan headshot

Lili Yan – President

Lili Yan is a PhD student from the southeastern Wu region of China, traditionally known as the land of fish and rice. Before beginning her studies at USU, Yan was a college English teacher in Shanghai. Yan joined the PhD program in the ITLS department because it allowed her to explore how learning occurs through diverse cultures and through different methods of communication.

As President, Yan's responsibilities include leading ITSA strategic planning, delegating responsibilities among leadership, facilitating meetings, and establishing relationships with university and college level associations pertinent to ITSA.

morgan diederich headshot

Morgan Diederich – Doctoral Vice President

Morgan Diederich is a second-year doctoral student from central Kentucky. Through ITLS, Diederich has been able to apply her passion of data analytics to her love of education. Diederich’s research focuses on learning analytics, data science education, and data literacy practices.

As Doctoral Vice President, Diedrich represents the interests and concerns of ITLS doctoral students. She advises the President on ITSA operations and strategies and assists in any other capacity she is needed.

arrin brunson headshot

Arrin Brunson – On-Campus Master’s Vice President

Arrin Brunson is a certified teacher in the state of Utah. She recently became a certified School Library Media Specialist through the ITLS department. A nontraditional student in her fifties, Brunson feels very lucky be working shoulder-to-shoulder with so many bright students, faculty, and staff.

As On-Campus Master’s Vice President, Brunson assists students who are on the Logan campus with whatever their needs are. Her ultimate goal is to help fellow students have a positive experience at USU, which will help them throughout their lives.

stefan wood headshot

Stefan Wood – Online Master’s Vice President

Stefan Wood is a homegrown Idahoan boy, having grown up in Idaho Falls. Getting a degree in education had been one of Wood’s growing interests over the years, and when he heard about the MA program through the ITLS program at Utah State, he couldn’t resist.

As Online Master’s Vice President, Wood represents the interests and concerns of ITLS master’s students that attend from a distance. The Masters Vice President advises the President on ITSA operations and strategies. Additional responsibilities include attending ITSA leadership meetings, overseeing an ITSA committee, and any other duties assigned by the President.

kenden quayle headshot

Kenden Quayle – Communications Officer

Kenden Quayle recently began her journey as an MS student in the ITLS department. When Quayle began her studies at Utah State in 2018, she was uncertain of what degree she wanted to pursue. In the second semester of her freshman year, she took a class called Digital Making and Learning, which introduced her to the world of instructional technology and learning sciences. Quayle currently works alongside ITLS professor Breanne Litts in the LED Lab and is eager to begin learning the ways of research.

As Communications Officer, Quayle facilitates communication between ITSA leadership and students. The Communication Officer is also responsible for advising the President on ITSA operations and strategies, attending ITSA leadership meetings, overseeing ITSA committees, and completing any other tasks assigned to her by the president.

headshot placeholder

TBA – Bachelor’s Vice President

With the addition of the new undergraduate program, the ITSA council is currently in the process of appointing a Bachelor’s Vice President, who will represent the interests and needs of students from the Human Experience Design Interaction program.