August 12, 2020

ITLS Spotlight: Ramy Shaaban

ramy shaaban playing vr
Dr. Shaaban exploring Oculus VR headsets in his spare time

Ramy Shaaban is the Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences department’s newest professor and the program coordinator for the Human Experience Design and Interaction program. Dr. Shaaban describes this new opportunity as a perfect fit for his experience in instructional technology and game design, and he’s excited to be part of the new bachelor program that teaches advanced concepts in user experience design.

Shaaban followed a unique path to the ITLS field. After obtaining a medical degree, he realized the importance of improving the way medical students learn and decided to pursue that rather than work at a hospital. Shaaban had received a PhD in Communications Media and Instructional Technology, so this new line of work was well suited to his talents in technological innovations

One of Dr. Shaaban’s research interests is the impact of emerging technologies on learning and education. He believes that gamification and game-based learning, aided with scaffolding and collaborative learning, are the future of education. Dr. Shaaban also spends time securing grants to fund learning games labs.

On a personal level, Shaaban spends his spare time playing virtual reality games, exploring new technologies, and contemplating the future of learning with technology.

During the pandemic, Shaaban has been working hard to prepare for his upcoming classes by finding effective virtual solutions for learning. Along with these preparations, he has also been working with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to design and develop medical training for their residents, fellows, and practicing physicians.

When asked to give some encouragement to those being affected by the pandemic, Shaaban responded, “I don’t think social distancing is the right term for our current case. I think physical distancing is the term we should use. Yes, we are physically distant, but we are socially so connected. I advise everyone to stay connected virtually with their family, friends, colleagues, and beloved ones while maintaining physical distancing.”