August 13, 2019

Megan Hamilton Accepted as a Research and Practice Fellow for the #InclusiveSciComm Symposium

megan hamilton headshot
Megan Hamilton

Megan Hamilton was accepted as a 2019 Research + Practice fellow for the #InclusiveSciComm Symposium to be held at the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, Rhode Island on September 27-29, 2019. A total of ten 2019 Research + Practice fellowships were offered to researchers nationwide through a partnership between Research + Practice Collaboratory and the #InclusiveSciComm Symposium. Hamilton is a doctoral student in the Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences (ITLS) Department here at Utah State.

"The Research + Practice Collaboratory has consistently supported and informed my own academic career since I was a graduate student," said Dr. Breanne Litts, Hamilton’s PhD advisor. "This community is on the leading-edge of equity and inclusion, and I am excited to see one of our own ITLS graduate students receive this fellowship. Megan’s work with Indigenous youth continues to garner support from national organizations and communities – she is very deserving of this honor."

"I am very pleased to be accepted as a Research + Practice fellow," Hamilton said. "I’m looking forward to this opportunity to learn with and from renowned scholars committed to equity in STEM education." Hamilton was also selected as the winner of the inaugural AERA Division C Shark Tank Competition earlier this year with regard to her research related to culturally-responsive video game design with Indigenous youth.

 According to their website, #InclusiveSciComm Symposium is a “national convening of practitioners, trainers, researchers, educators and funders working across disciplines and sectors to discuss effective approaches for making science communication inclusive, equitable, and intersectional." This year, the #InclusiveSciComm Symposium will be hosted at University of Rhode Island Metcalf Institute.