December 20, 2019

Lili Yan Accepted into HASTAC Scholars Fellowship Program

lili yan headshot
Doctoral Student, Lili Yan

Lili Yan, a doctoral student in USU’s Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences (ITLS) Department, was accepted into the HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory) Scholars program, beginning November 1, 2019 and concluding October 31, 2021. The HASTAC Scholars Program is made up of both graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in technology, the arts, the humanities and the sciences. Yan said this year the HASTAC scholars program cohort includes 80 new scholars and over 100 scholars who begin their second year.

Yan said Dr. Breanne Litts introduced her to the HASTAC program after learning about Yan’s work on a project involving Augmented Reality and the Anthropocene Period, a geological age viewed as the time during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment.

“I am very pleased to be accepted into the HASTAC Scholars fellowship program and join my cohort to study more about the intersection between technology and humanities,” Yan said. “This would not be possible without the support from the ITLS department and my mentor Dr. Litts, who was also a HASTAC Scholar much of her years in graduate school.”

 As described on their website, the HASTAC Scholars fellowship program is a student-driven international community. Currently, scholars have a variety of backgrounds, and have been sponsored by more than 200 colleges and universities. The HASTAC Scholars focus on rethinking pedagogy, learning, research in the digital age, and frequently have activities such as writing blog posts, interviewing leaders within the fields of digital research and digital humanities, hosting online forums or webinars, organize collaborative book reviews and more. For more information about HASTAC, look online at