March 6, 2019

ITLS Participation at FabLearn 2019

Faculty and students in the Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences (ITLS) Department will share their research and participate at the FabLearn Conference in New York from February 27th to March 2nd 2019. According to their website, "The FabLearn Conference ... brings together key influencers and thought-leaders from around the world in education, policy-making, academia, design, research, and maker communities to learn, present, and discuss digital fabrication in education, the maker culture, hands-on learning, and instructional tools." The conference will be at and near Cowin Auditorium at Teachers College, Columbia University.

This conference is the perfect opportunity for faculty and students to share the research projects they have been working on via poster sessions, presentations, and workshops. It is also an opportunity to learn from other scholars' research and build opportunities to collaborate.

Below is a list of participation from ITLS community members:

ITLS Constituent Date Time Location Title
Dr. Victor Lee and Heidee Vincent Saturday, March 9th 11:40 AM Cowin Auditorium An Expansively-Framed Unplugged Sequence Intended to Bear Computational Fruit of the Loom
Dr. Kristin Searle (and Dr. Colby Tofel-Grehl from TEAL) Saturday, March 9th 4:40 PM Breakout Room GDH 535 (to be confirmed) Making a Science and Computing Escape Room
Dr. Deborah Fields Sunday, March 10th 8:30 AM Breakout Room HM 148 (to be confirmed) Debugging by Design: Learning by Making and Fixing Mistakes
Dr. Deborah Fields Sunday, March 10th 12:55 PM Learning Theater DebugIts: Designing for Learning Through Debugging
Dr. Deborah Fields Sunday, March 10th 4:30 PM Cowin Auditorium Student Maker Portfolios: Promoting Computational Communication and Reflection in Crafting E-textiles