Humanities and Arts

We are proud to have a strong humanities program at Edith Bowen Laboratory School.  Art, music, spanish, PE/movement and the Moore Library are essential aspects of our students' educational experiences.  Humanities provide students with a broader understanding of the world, opportunites to develop talents and skills, and meaningful ways to apply knowledge and understanding.  Each year the humanities team chooses a school-wide book as a theme.

A real education has to give equal weight to the arts, the humanities, and physcial education. Students prosper best with a broad curriculum that celebrates their various talents. The arts aren't just important because they improve math scores--they are important because they speak to parts of children that are otherwise untouched.

Sir Ken Robinson


EBLS artists learn by getting messy! Project based learning is the main focus of the art curriculum. Art concepts are applied through creating original artwork, presenting artwork, responding to art, and connecting art to students’ own understanding.  As part of the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program, students learn art skills and other subjects together by finding connections and constructing understanding of both curriculums. Students explore a large variety of mediums from drawing, painting, printmaking, clay, sculpture, and large group projects. Our art studio fosters creativity, self-expression, honest effort, continual learning, and all-around respect.

a EBLS student working on art project.


Music classes at EBLS provide joyful experiences for the children while helping them to develop musical skills. The curriculum is a balanced and sequential approach that includes singing, playing instruments, listening to music, improvising and composing, reading and writing music notation, and moving to music. Through developmentally appropriate experiences, the students learn the elements of music. This includes beat, rhythm, pitch/melody, harmony/texture, dynamics, tempo, timbre, and form. The curriculum provides for creativity, self-expression, spontaneity, and structure. To encourage deeper learning, other curricular subjects are often integrated into the music classroom. 

EBLS students playing in an orchestra concert.


Movement classes at EBLS provide meaningful opportunities for students to learn through sequential and developmentally appropriate experiences that merge the Healthy Lifestyles and Dance core curriculum.  Using a skill based approach, which includes elements of dance, students are mentored to recognize the value of physical activity for healthy living, overcoming challenges, self-expression, and social interactions. This includes, traveling, throwing and catching, fleeing and dodging, volleying, dribbling, offense and defense, long and short handled implements, balancing, transferring weight, jumping and landing, meeting and parting, creating, performing, and responding and connecting. To encourage deeper learning other curricular subjects are often integrated into our movement experiences.

a EBLS student climbing through a hoop in the school gym.


Spanish language class instills a love of language and culture in our students.  We have a strong focus on vocabulary as well as becoming familiar with Latino culture.  Students learn basic greetings, colors, family names, days of the week, months of the year, and basic grammar in Spanish. The students will participate in cultural celebrations throughout the year, introducing them to different holidays and traditions around the world.

Clase De Español Sign