Form Description

Field Experience Sack Lunch Form

Your student is going on a field experience, and they will be gone during the regular lunch service.

Excuse an Absence

Please complete this form to excuse your student's absence.
Student AUP Students will be assigned individual email and network accounts and must use only those accounts and passwords that they have been granted permission by the school to use. All account activity should be for educational purposes only.
Technology Checkout Form & Agreement If you would like your student to have home access to school-owned technology for academic use while enrolled at Edith Bowen Laboratory School (EBLS) please read and electronically sign this assumption of responsibility agreement.
Allergy & Anaphylaxis Individualized Healthcare Plan (IHP)/Emergency Action Plan(EAP/Medication Authorization and Self-Administration Form
Asthma Action Plan Asthma action plan and emergency action plan.
Asthma Medication Authorization Asthma Medication Authorization & Inhaler Authorization and Self Administration Form
Diabetes IHP Diabetes Individualized Healthcare Plan
Diabetes EAP Diabetes Emergency Action Plan
Diabetes DMMO Diabetes Medication Management Order
Epinephrine Authorization Form Epinephrine Autho-Injector Authorization Form
Generic IHP ECP Generic Individualized Healthcare Plan/Emergency Care Plan
Meals Request (Medical) Medical statement to request special meals, accommodations, and milk substitutions.
School Medication Authorization School Medication Authorization Form
Seizure IHP Seizure Individualized Healthcare Plan
Seizure SMMO Seizure Rescue Medication Management Order
Fee Waiver Application About Fee Waivers, Fee Waiver Application, and sample Fee Waiver Decision and Appeal Form
Fee Waiver - Sharing Information with Other Programs The information provided on the Free and Reduced Price School Meals Application may be shared with other programs for which your students may qualify.

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