Padlet Workshop

Workshop Objectives:

  • Goal 1: What is Padlet
  • Goal 2: Padlet Help - learn how to use Padlet
  • Goal 3: How teachers can use Padlet in the classroom


Goal 1: What is Padlet

Padlet is an incredible tool! It is essentially an online board users create where an audience can then post digital sticky note-like answers to. "Padlet can be used by students and by teachers. With padlet you can create an online post-it board that you can share with any student or teacher you want. Just give them the unique Padlet link. Padlet allows you to insert ideas anonymously or with your name. It’s easy to use and very handy. Whoever has the Padlet board opened on his smartphone or computer, can see what’s on it and what everyone is writing. Students just have to take a device and start adding little sticky notes online. They can see all the ideas gathered on the teacher board immediately." (source) Padlet can also be used to create webpages and documents too.

Goal 2: Padlet Help - learn how to use Padlet

Padlet is completely free and relatively easy to use. Click the image below to visit the Padlet Help Center. and/or watch the video tutorials provided on the right to learn how to use this incredible tool!

Goal 3: How teachers can use Padlet in the Classroom

Because Padlet was created with teachers and students in mind, it is perfect for use in the classroom. It could be used as a great method to assess students in a exciting new way. It could also be used as a fun approach to kickoff a classroom discussion or get students thinking about a certain topic.

A review of Padlet on the Common Sense stated: "You can use Padlet in the classroom in various ways. If you are in a 1-to-1 situation, use a projector to show the class a bulletin board you create. Share the URL with the class and have students answer a discussion question, work on a "Do Now" activity, or even create an exit slip. It's also possible to use Padlet as a place to collect assignments; create a shared wall for your whole class and have students upload papers directly to the wall. Padlet really shines as a tool for group projects. Divide the class into small groups and have them work together at home to research a particular subject." (source)

The possibilities are endless! In fact, click the article links listed below to lists of even more creative ideas.



1st Hand Experience: "I am currently a student teacher in a 6th grade class. We use Padlet once a week during our self-start in the morning. Students solve and answer a "Would You Rather" question by posting their answer on a class Padlet. It is a unique way for students to demonstrate their knowledge and learn from peers. I love Padlet and can't wait to use it in my own classroom."

Click the image below to visit a Padlet full of resources about Padlet.