iMovie Workshop 

Workshop Objectives:

  • Goal 1: What is iMovie?
  • Goal 2: How to use iMovie
  • Goal 3: What can iMovie be used for?

Goal 1: What is iMovie?

iMovie is a free Apple app available for download on any of your Apple Devices including your iPhone, iPad, and Mac book. In fact it comes downloaded on many of these devices already.

​Simply put, iMovie is a video editing software. iMovie is a powerful resource that helps beginners to produce professional looking videos. This program allows you to create, put together, edit, and enhance movies by adding audio, special effects, photos, titles, credits, and more in a relatively user-friendly interface. Import almost any photo, video, or audio file into iMovie and clip, crop, or edit them to be exactly what you dream of. It does take a little practice, but that practice will be well worth it. iMovie then makes it easy to save and download your creations or easily share your movie to iTunes and with other iMovie users.



Goal 2: How to use iMovie

​​Click the image below for awesome step-by-step instructions or watch the tutorials also provided below to learn how to use this incredible tool.


Goal 3: What can iMovie be used for?

​What's great about iMovie is that it can be used for a variety of things. There are a variety of reasons one might want to put together a movie. Below is a list of a few possible uses to get you brainstorming for your next video creation. 

  • student projects/presentations
  • lesson plans
  • tutorials
  • edit old home videos
  • wedding slideshow
  • create your own movie
  • create a trailer for a movie
  • ​class video
  • cutting a video for just specific clips
  • and many, many more

Like we've mentioned in other workshops, the easiest way to really learn how to use a tool is to try it out! Practice with it and experience it for yourself! Watch the tutorials and take some time and experiment with iMovie. Create something amazing. You now have the tool, get creating!