Teacher Training & Development

ELED 4040 - Assessment and Instruction for Struggling Readers (CI) 

ELED 4040 prepares undergraduate students to use data from a variety of reading assessments to identify elementary students' reading strengths and needs and to plan instruction. Special attention is given to providing explicit differentiated reading instruction to meet the needs of students.

As a tutor, you will spend the semester in your own mini-classroom teaching students important literacy skills.  You will gain experience in classroom management, student assessment, and designing and implementing literacy instruction.


Minimum Level II GPA of 2.75; grade of B- or better in ELED 3000, ELED 3005, ELED 3100, SPED 4000, PSY 3660, and SPED 5530 or ITLS 4015.

For Elementary Education program students not earning a dual certificate in Special Education, a B- or better is also required in ELED 4150.


Fall, Spring | 3 Credits

For more information, contact Dr. Cindy Jones.