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Retaking Writing Exam

Writing Exam Locations

* Students who fail the exam after their first attempt must view the writing exam workshop. This training video will focus on providing students with strategies to enhance the success of students who attempt the teacher education writing exam for a second time.

* Students who fail the writing exam after viewing the Teacher Education Writing Examination Training Video will be required to begin USU’s Writing Center’s Proficiency Skills Development Process. The Proficiency Skills Development fee for Teacher Education students is $100 and is located in Ray B. West Room 104.  This fee will cover a period of 15 weeks only from the time the student completes his/her entrance interview.

* If you are a Regional Campus/Distance Education student that had been unsuccessful in passing the writing exam after the second attempt, please make an appointment with your RCDE advisor to discuss what you should do to prepare to retake the exam for the third time.  Arrangements have been made so RCDE students are not required to come to Logan to complete the Proficiency Skills Development process. 

* All USU campuses that have a Writing Center will offer the Proficiency Skills Development Process. In order to insure uniformity, the Logan campus will do an annual training session for the off-campus Writing Center directors

* Students will be expected to successfully complete the Teacher Education Writing Exam after completing the Proficiency Skills Development Process a maximum of one time. Students who have not been successful after three Writing Exam attempts will result in a final “not admit” decision for USU’s teacher preparation program.

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