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Pediatric Feeding & Swallowing Services

Children with physical, sensory, or cognitive disabilities often have difficulties coordinating the movements of sucking, swallowing, biting and chewing.  These problems, known as oral-motor disorders, can seriously affect a child’s health, nutrition and quality of life from birth to adulthood.

The Pediatric Feeding & Swallowing team is made up of licensed professionals who work with families and caregivers to provide evaluation, recommendations, education, service navigation, and support for the development of feeding skills in children with disabilities.

Services Provided

Speech-language pathologist

  • Examines the jaw, tongue, cheeks, lips and palate, and the child’s ability to coordinate movements during feeding.
  • Evaluates the child’s ability to coordinate neurological, sensory, motor, respiratory, and gastrointestinal system as it relates to successful feeding and swallowing.
  • Recommends changes in textures or placement of food, and hands-on oral control techniques to facilitate biting, chewing, sucking and swallowing skills.


  • Evaluates nutritional needs and weight gain problems.
  • Makes nutritional recommendations.

Insurance/Fee Information

Providers are paneled with most insurance providers.  Please contact the clinic for up-to-date information on which insurance plans we currently accept. If your insurance is not one we currently accept or your insurance does not cover these services, you will be responsible for payment for all services.


Monday-Friday: 8:00 am-5:00 pm
Saturday-Sunday: CLOSED


To schedule an appointment or for any questions regarding Feeding services, please contact the Speech and Language Clinic:


Fernanda Mejia-Kozlowski

Fernanda Mejia-Kozlowski

Registered Dietitian