Dean's Office Communications Team

Any of the following materials created by or for faculty members, staff, or students must be approved through the Dean’s Office Communications division before production, whether or not the materials include the name of the college or university. This includes:
  • Flyers or posters for events, services, programs, or clinics
  • Printed goods, such as clothing, water bottles, bags, and other swag 
  • Advertisements
  • Recruitment material
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Logos for departments, units, or programs
  • Videos: approved logo usage
  • New websites or website redesigns: domain approval/visual branding
Please communicate with us well ahead of any publishing deadlines to give us enough time to review materials. This is an important process for all involved and helps to strengthen the standing and brand of the college.

The Communications office publicizes college events, awards, research, and outreach that is of local, national, or global interest through the following means: 

  • College homepage and news feed
  • Utah State Today
  • Listserv emails
  • College Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, as well as USU's main social media accounts
  • Local and statewide media outlets (when applicable)

We also serve as media consultants and liaisons for faculty, staff, or students preparing for interviews, press conferences, or other requests for media content.

All content published in the media must be cleared through the Communications team. Please communicate with our office any time such media is in development.

If you are asked to contribute content to an organization that is not primarily academic or research-oriented (e.g., commercial websites, financial or lifestyle websites and blogs, etc.), please consult with the Communications team before agreeing to participate. Also keep in mind that interviews or public discussion regarding products or services that you use can be seen as an endorsement on USU’s behalf. 

If you have research, news, or other relevant news content to publicize through the college, please contact us.

Research publication: Please contact Shawn Whiteman with questions regarding research publication, study participant recruitment, or IRB approval.

The Communications team can help you with the creation of written or visual content at any stage of the process. If you need help producing or editing written content (news articles, press releases, etc.) or if you have design needs (brochures, newsletters, advertisements, etc.), please contact us. We will coordinate with you for additional information, quotes, or design feedback, and will provide you with the appropriate files for print or digital distribution.

Design Request Form

If you need to create flyers, posters, banners, or similar materials to advertise college-related activities and events, you can download and submit the form below to request those materials through our office. Please send requests at least 2 weeks in advance of production deadline.

Download Design Request Form

If you choose to create flyers or other marketing materials through your own office or unit, these materials must still be approved through the Communications team. Please understand that we may need to make changes to the content or design to match our visual identity standards and adhere to branding guidelines, so materials should be sent well ahead of production deadlines.

We have a list of free image resources if you are in need of high-quality stock photos, or you can contact us for help with images.

For videos, we have a file of audio resources that you are free to use.

Presentations and Research Posters

We have standard PowerPoint and poster templates that can be used for department presentations and research. These templates are pre-approved, provided that the design and branding are not altered. You can also contact us for additional help with presentation design.

Please contact Shawn Whiteman with questions on branding requirements, formatting, etc. for research posters or presentations. 

The Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services has a specific branding and style guide that must be utilized on all materials coming from the college, whether or not the college or university name appears specifically on the item in question. Please keep in mind the following branding guidelines.

The Name of the College

It is important that newsletters, websites, faculty web pages, and all other public content refer to the full name of the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services. Whenever possible, please avoid abbreviations such as "EEJ" or "CEHS" in material that can be viewed by those outside the college. Additionally, when participating in interviews, news releases, or coordinating media content, please refer to the full name of the college as well as your individual department and Utah State University.

College and University Logos

The college logos have specific guidelines for usage, as do the university logos. Any time you use any of the logos, please clear the design with our office. We will ensure that branding requirements for logo version, background color usage, aspect ratio, area of isolation, and use of multiple logos are met as needed.

USU's logos have been optimized as of August 2021. For more information on the updated logos and branding guidelines, visit the USU branding website.

If you need access to the most current college logos, please contact us.

We coordinate closely with the University Marketing and Communications (UMAC) office for approval of branding and design elements on all the materials previously listed. In most cases, our office can approve materials and return them to you for production through Aggie Print (formerly PDP) or other facilities, but in some cases we consult with UMAC to ensure appropriate guidelines are followed.

Please send all your branding and material requests through our office, and we will coordinate with UMAC as needed.

Also, please note that Aggie Print does not monitor for appropriate branding, design, or logo usage; all materials must be approved by our office before being sent to Aggie Print for production.

We often feature news articles, events, and other marketing content on our social media accounts. If you have content that you would like to share on the college's social media channels, whether or not a full story is planned, please contact the college social media manager. If content is time sensitive, like an event, please contact us at least one week in advance.

If you have any questions about social media content for your specific department or unit, are interested in starting a new social media account within the college, or need a standard USU social media icon, we are happy to help.

You can also review the USU Social Media guidelines for more information about USU's social media policies.

Contact the Social Media Manager