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Strong Human Services Award



The Strong Human Services Award will parallel the CEHS awards for Teacher of the Year and Researcher of the Year. Funded by an endowment, this award will be presented annually in connection with CEHS Spring Awards and Commencement activities.



The Strong Human Services Award honors a CEHS faculty member for significant and sustained leadership in human services, applying research to improve the lives of children or adults. The Award also recognizes cross-college and interdisciplinary efforts in human services, with leadership coming from a CEHS faculty member.



  • Leadership for at least one externally funded, significant project in which research findings have helped to improve the lives of children or adults.
  • A minimum of five years of sustained contribution to the CEHS and USU communities.



  • Curriculum vitae for the nominee.
  • A nomination letter to the Dean from a member of the CEHS Administrative Council, describing the extent and significance of the nominee’s human service contributions.
  • At least one letter of support from an individual or agency affected by the nominee’s human service contributions.


The selection committee shall be comprised of the College Dean and two Associate Deans.


A $1000 award may be given to the recipient in the form of a check, or the recipient may request that the awarded funds be placed in an account and used by the recipient to further his or her human services activities.


College nominee will be recognized at the CEHS Awards Ceremony in April.


Nomination deadline is January 15th.
Forward nomination materials by email to Dr. Jamison Fargo, Associate Dean for Research ( in the Office of Research Services.



  • John Copenhaver, Scott Hunsaker, Lucy Delgadillo, Brian Higginbotham, Judith Holt, & Karl White