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Services of Data Science & Discovery Unit

For an appointment with Tyson for any of the services mentioned below, go to:

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The Data Science & Discovery Unit provides consultations regarding data planning, wrangling, and analyzing. This can include:

  • Survey creation (REDCap or Qualtrics surveys, planning recruitment)
  • Data entry tool set up (for any type of data entry related to research)
  • Data planning (formatting, cleaning, reshaping, merging)
  • Data analysis (ways that your data can be analyzed, visualized, and reported). Notably, for statistical planning, particularly for graduate students, please contact the Statistical Consulting Studio.


The DSDU provides opportunities for collaboration on projects and grants. These collaborations are generally in the nature where Tyson provides data and statistical expertise as a Co-Investigator or a consultant (depending on the load and need of the project). For significant needs, please contact the DSDU early in the process.