Doctoral Program Overview

The Psychology department at Utah State University is home to six doctoral degrees or specializations. The foundation of our doctoral programs is mentorship. Students work closely with a primary mentor who is conducting research in areas that are of mutual interest to the student and the faculty member. Our award-winning faculty actively collaborate with students as they conduct research projects in a wide range of research topics, see our labs page for details.

Graduates from the psychology department leave with years of hands-on lab and research experience with many students actively presenting at national conferences, authoring journal articles and book chapters, and submitting work for grant funding.

Why USU?

  • Six doctoral students have been awarded the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services Doctoral Student Researchers of the Year awards:
    • Whitney Livingston (2021),
    • Jen Krafft (2020; also USU Graduate Student Researcher of the Year),
    • Clarissa Ong (2019; also USU Graduate Student Researcher of the Year),
    • Eric Lee (2018),
    • Salif Mahamane (2017; also USU Graduate Student Researcher of the Year), and
    • Kate Morrison (2014).
  • Two recent doctoral students have won the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services Graduate Student Teacher of the Year award:
    • Juan Estrada (2021; also USU Graduate Student Teacher of the Year),
    • Jay Hinnenkamp (2020).
  • 10% of psychologists who identify as American Indian have received their PhDs from Utah State University.

Grad News

Six Psychology PhD Student Match with Internship Sites

Six doctoral students from the USU Psychology Department’s Combined Clinical/Counseling and School Psychology specializations matched with internship locations on February 19, 2021 through the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral Internship Center (APPI...

Utah State Psychology Department Confers 150th PhD

The Utah State University Department of Psychology recently celebrated an important milestone in its doctoral program as it awarded its 150th PhD. Kaitlyn Browning completed her dissertation, “Translational examination of alternative-response discriminati...

Department Spotlight: Jay Hinnenkamp

Jay Hinnenkamp is a doctoral student in the USU Department of Psychology’s Behavior Analysis Program and a student in Dr. Greg Madden’s Behavioral Economics Lab. Hinnenkamp was recently awarded the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services...

Department Spotlight: Sterling Tobiasson

Sterling Tobiasson is a recent graduate of the Professional School Counseling Program at Utah State. He is a self-proclaimed “late bloomer,” pursuing his Master’s of Education after following many career paths including teacher, pilot, EMT, excavator, and...

Department Spotlight: Cassity Haverkamp

Cassity Haverkamp, MEd, is a PhD student in the School Psychology Program at Utah State University. After completing her undergraduate degree at Weber State, a faculty member and an advisor both recommended she continue her education at USU.

Department Spotlight: Byron Garcia

Byron Garcia is a student in the Combined Clinical/Counseling PhD Program at Utah State and a fellow in the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP).

Six Psychology Students Prepare for Internship

As the summer heats up and the Psychology Department prepares for an incoming cohort of students and the next school year, six psychology students are preparing for new adventures in doctoral internship programs across the country.

Department Spotlight: Annie Galizio

After receiving an undergraduate degree at the College of Charleston, Annie Galizio accepted a position as a graduate student in the Behavior Analysis Program at Utah State University.