Right to Read RSVP Film Screening

September 28, 2023 Event
Utah State University Eccles Conference Center

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Movie trailer: https://youtu.be/ptUYVHDeHOw

Film Director: Jenny Mackenzie is a documentary filmmaker who produces films that promote social change. Her films include KICK LIKE A GIRL, SUGAR BABIES,  LEAD WITH LOVE, DYING IN VEIN, and the 2018 Sundance & Emmy-award winning film QUIET HEROES. Jenny’s films have aired on top broadcast and VOD channels such as HBO, HULU, PBS, and Amazon, and have received praise in the New York Times, the Washington Post and Variety. Jenny has a bachelor's degree from Brown University and a Ph.D. from the University of Utah and is an assistant professor in documentary film production at Utah Valley University.

Utah Reading Results:

Utah RISE Results - Student Proficiency Results - USBE Data Gateway (utah.gov)

  • 43% of Utah’s students are proficient readers.
  • 23% of Utah’s Hispanic students are proficient readers.
  • 21% of Utah’s Pacific Islander students are proficient readers.
  • 50% of Utah’s Caucasian students are proficient readers.
  • 27% of Utah’s economically disadvantaged students are proficient readers.
  • 14% of Utah’s limited English proficient students are proficient readers.
  • 15% of Utah’s students with disabilities are proficient readers.

NAEP Results - Assessments - Reading | NAEP (ed.gov)

  • The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)—The Nation’s Report Card indicates that 43% of Utah’s Caucasian students are proficient readers, and only 18% of Hispanic students, and 17% of economically disadvantaged students are proficient.
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