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Aural Rehabilitation Lab

Dr. Brittan Barker

The Aural Rehabilitation Laboratory is directed by Dr. Barker and housed in the Department of Communicative Studies and Deaf Education at Utah State University. Our multilayer research program works to describe, understand, and facilitate effective communication in people relying on listening and spoken language. 
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Professor Sandi Gillam speaking to students in her lab

Child Language Lab

Dr. Sandi Gillam

The Child Language Lab is headed by Dr. Gillam. Research in this lab focuses on the development of assessment tools and intervention approaches for improving cognitive, social and academic performance of individuals with language and learning problems. 
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Naveen Nagaraj's headshot

Cognitive Hearing Science Lab

Dr. Naveen Nagaraj

Research in Dr. Nagaraj's Cognitive Hearing Science Lab is driven by basic questions about information processing in the human brain during listening in noise. Using behavioral and electrophysiological experiments we are trying to understand the dynamic interplay between cognition and speech perception in individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing and those with auditory processing deficits.
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Hearing Impact Lab

Dr. Karen Munoz

The Hearing Impact Project is a joint lab with Dr. Munoz and Dr. Twohig that brings together audiology and psychology. We study person-centered care in audiology, factors that influence patient/caregiver engagement in hearing care, we develop interventions that help people cope with their hearing concerns, and how audiologists can effectively support health behavior change.
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Human Interaction Lab logo

Human Interaction Lab

Dr. Stephanie Borrie

Human interaction requires communication partners to produce and perceive speech and to coordinate these behaviors to succeed. What happens when the ability to produce or perceive speech is impaired? And how does this disrupt the collaborative process of communication? In Dr. Borrie's research lab, we investigate speech communication as a dynamic activity involving both speaker and listener.
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Language and Aphasia Neuro-Rehabilitation (LANR) Lab

Dr. Lisa Milman

Research in Dr. Milman's Language and Aphasia Neuro-Rehabilitation (LANR) Lab focuses on integrative approaches to the assessment and treatment of neurogenic communication disorders in adults. A variety of behavioral and computational approaches are applied, including classic lesion studies, mathematical models, and neuro-rehabilitation paradigms. 
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Listening and Spoken Language Lab

Dr. Karen Muñoz and Dr. Lauri Nelson

The mission of the Listening and Spoken Language lab is to increase our understanding of parent and professional factors that facilitate/interfere with outcomes for children who are deaf or hard of hearing learning to communicate using spoken language.
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Annalise Fletcher's headshot

Motor Speech Lab

Dr. Annalise Fletcher

In Dr. Fletcher's Motor Speech Lab, we examine speech production changes that occur due to difficulties with the control and execution of muscle movements. Our work explores measurements of the acoustic speech signal, listener responses to disordered speech, and speaker strategies for producing clear speech patterns.
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Professor Ron, Sandi, and Teresa

School-age Language Research Lab

Dr. Ron Gillam, Dr. Sandi Gillam, and Teresa Ukrainetz

Professors Ron Gillam, Sandi Gillam, and Teresa Ukrainetz are dedicated to advancing knowledge and improving intervention for children with language-learning difficulties across the grades. The topics of their research and scholarship span the intricacies of memory structure of children with specific language impairment to narrative and expository language intervention. 
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