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Workshop Series

Fall & Spring: Quantitative Methods Workshops

The Statistical Consulting Studio holds several workshops each during fall and spring semesters. The topics are chosen to benefit a broad range of researchers with various backgrounds. While these classes are free for all faculty and students in the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services, space is limited. Please register early to ensure a seat.

If you would like to receive periodic emails announcing new sessions and links to register, Subscribe to the Workshop LIstServe.

Materials for past workshops may be accessed on Open Science Framework.

Summer: Statistical Software Sessions

In response to several inquiries, a summer help session/open office hours of sorts has been organized to help faculty and graduate students with statistical software. From May 14th through Aug. 8th, meetings will he held in the ORS conference room (Educ 454) 10:00 - 11:00 am, with Monday and Wednesday designated to R/R Studio/Jamovi. Due to lack of interest, the Tuesdays sessions for SPSS have been canceled. No prior experience is assumed or required and there is no registration or fee. Due to the flexible nature of summer schedules, this will not run as a traditional class. Since attendance will be varied, there is no set agenda for daily topics. Rather, questions and concerns of attendees will be addressed by request.

If you would like to get started with R, you may choose to work through the online eBook Tyson Barrett and Sarah Schwartz have written as a companion to the Psy/Educ 6600 textbook. It starts with installing the software (free online) and moves through the Barry Cohen's "Explaining Psychological Statistics" (used for Educ/Psy 6600). If you wish to learn how to conduct a specific type of quantitative analysis, email in advance to ensure a specific topic will be covered on a given day(s). To receive updates about these sessions, fill out this online form.

For specific project needs (thesis, dissertation, grant, publication, ect.), the Statistical Consulting Studio will continue to be open for individualized consultations by appointment only. Limited time slots are available through our online appointment manager (9:00 am - 2:00 pm Mon-Wed). These will fill fast, so plan ahead and book early.