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Office of Research Services Courses


EDUC/PSY 6010 - Introduction to Program Evaluation - Alternative approaches and practical guidelines for conducting evaluation studies. Through case studies and simulations, addresses impact of social, political, and ethical issues on evaluation. (F,Sp)
EDUC/PSY 6570 - Introduction to Education and Pyschological Research - Provides introduction to research methods, including identification of research problem, review and evaluation of research literature, and design and implementation of research project. (F,Sp,Su)
EDUC/PSY 6600 - Research Design and Analysis I - Research design and statistical concepts for research in education, human services, and psychology, with emphasis on the selection and interpretation of statistical analyses. Prerequisites: EDUC/PSY 6570, passing score on 6600 Pretest via WebCT, and permission of instructor. (F,Sp,Su)
EDUC 6770 - Qualitative Methods I - Introduction to qualitative research, including foundations; research designs and strategies of inquiry (case studies, ethnography, phenomenology, grounded theory, biographical, historical, participative inquiry); sampling; fieldwork and data collection; and analysis. Prerequisite: EDUC/PSY 6570. (Sp)
EDUC/PSY 6780/7780 - Qualitative Methods II - Builds on and applies concepts covered in EDUC 6770, emphasizing analysis of data, critique of qualitative research, and design and implementation of qualitative research. Students registered for 6780 conduct a qualitative research project. Prerequisite: EDUC 6770. (Sp)
EDUC/PSY 7610 - Research Design and Analysis II - Advanced treatment of research design and statistical concepts and issues in educational, human services, and psychological research. Prerequisite: EDUC/ PSY 6600. (F,Sp,Su)
EDUC/PSY 7670 - Literature Reviews in Education and Psychology - Advanced concepts in designing, writing, and critiquing literature reviews. Prerequisites: EDUC/PSY 6600 or consent of instructor. (Sp,Su)
TEAL 7810 - Mixed Methods Research - Identification of research problems and critical issues, consideration of critical issues and research methods, and application of data analysis procedures under faculty direction. (F, Sp, Su)