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Building will boost education and human services at USU

Three years ago, Areon wanted a job, but she wasn’t sure she could ever keep one. “I have high functioning autism,” she said. “While I have a good brain on me, I’m not very good socially, and I have anxiety.”
Sara Menlove Doutre had a very different background: a degree in special education, a master’s in education policy studies, a family. But her family experienced some added stress when her daughter, Daisy, lost her hearing at age two.
Both Sara and Areon were able to receive services through the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services at Utah State University—and those services came from specialists in more than one field. But Doutre wondered if her experience was just a small taste of what is possible.
Jared Schultz, associate dean of clinical education and community outreach, had the same thought. What would happen if professionals from many disciplines came together, not just to address one problem, but to help the people they serve enjoy a better, more well-rounded quality of life? And what if the graduate students who worked under that hands-on model carried those leadership experiences with them into their fields?
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