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Sorenson Legacy Foundation Center for Clinical Excellence Building



After 44 years of service, the Center for Persons with Disabilities (CPD) Building at Utah State University’s main campus came down. Originally constructed in 1972, the CPD served as the home base for multiple services which helped to educate individuals with special needs. The CPD Building served the community well during its tenure. Construction has begun on the Center for Clinical Excellence, which is scheduled to open in November 2017. Read more

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CEHS Spotlight

Cat Buhusi

How Do Our Brains Perceive Time? The Answer Could Cure Diseases of the Brain

Catalin “Cat” Buhusi has spent his career asking deeper questions about how one’s brain perceives the passage of time. For Dr. Buhusi, scientifically and literally, “time is money,” and he studies why people treat time and money in the same way, using the same words and operations...Learn more

Beth MacDonald

Can Teaching Math Be Fun?

Dr. Beth MacDonald is giving an important gift to the world: exceptional math teachers. Our society needs mathematicians who are both creative and technical, and Dr. MacDonald trains educators to respond to diverse student learning needs...Learn more

Traditions of Learning

Traditions of Learning: Connecting Native American Heritage to STEM

Two Utah State researchers are taking a unique approach to “makerspaces” to improve STEM education in the Native American community...Learn more

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